Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fairtrade Foundation Paper People Power

The Fairtrade Foundation has launched its 2013 Fairtrade Fortnight campaign calling for action to end trade injustice around the world. Jonathan Ross, Tulisa and Harry Hill are among the celebrities supporting the campaign, which will see three-inch versions of the stars join a march on Parliament during Fairtrade Fortnight which is NOW! (Well, more accurately, 25 Feb-10 March).

Marking a new model of campaigning for the Fairtrade Foundation, everyone who supports the petition will be able to create a personalised paper person! Watch out for mine making an appearance in the near future...

In Fairtrade Fortnight, the campaign will culminate in thousands of paper people coming together for a march to highlight support for a fairer deal for small farmers. The Fairtrade system helps provide these farmers with a fairer price for their produce, and a chance for a better livelihood for themselves and their families. / @FairtradeUK

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