Monday, 12 November 2012

Fashioned for Freedom

"We are very excited to be involved in the event. At Beulah our vision is to employ women who have been trafficked and come out of extreme poverty, and involve them in part of our production. We are fully behind the event Fashioned For Freedom, as it represents everything our brand stands for."
- Natasha Rufus Isaacs, co-founder of Beulah London, who's gorgeous designs are among those being auctioned at tonight's event to raise money to fight human trafficking

Tonight, under the striking roof of St. Mary's Church in Marylebone, the community and leading ethical designers will come together to support survivors of human trafficking. Fashioned for Freedom (FfF) is a project that aims to not only raise money for victims of human trafficking but also spark awareness and transform behaviour.

This year's Fashioned for Freedom will be organised by House of Beth in conjunction with the International Organisation of Migration and presented by Olivia Godfrey (Sky Sports presenter) and Nel Hedayat (BBC presenter). With a live performance from Digital Farm Animals, art installations, fashion films, and exclusive sales from House of Beth collection the evening with showcase the best of ethical fashion.

Here Sarah Kendal, Creative Director of House of Beth tells us a little more: 

What brands are supporting this year's event?
Ethical fashion designers From Somewehere by Orsola De Castro, Beulah, People Tree, Shadowplay NYC, Ada Zanditon, Henrietta Ludgate, Goodone, Zoe Boomber & Onita'a. Ecover are also donating goody bags! Eco falls, Nederburg & London city bond are collectively donating us 400 bottles of wine! We're very lucky to have such great support.

What are you hoping to achieve?
To raise a substantial amount of money for the IOM's victim's fund and the Red Light Campaign & Human Trafficking Foundation's Rehabilitation's fund. We also hope to raise awareness about Human Trafficking to a fashion orientated audience who will as a result consider the power in their purchase. Finally we hope to raise brand awareness of the social enterprise we run, House of Beth, which sells second hand designer clothes and high quality high street clothes on behalf of Human Trafficking charities. 

What's been your favourite thing about organising it?
Taking photographs of the lovely Olivia Godfrey and Nel Headayat in some of the designer clothes up for auction. They are both truly inspiring women who contribute brains and beauty to television and are a pleasure to get to know.

Finally, how do you want the night to be remembered?
As lots of fun and for our guests to associate ethical clothes with their affordability and beauty, especially at House of Beth.

It's not too late to join in the fun - buy your tickets here. Also, don't forget to check out Bon Ton Times later this week for some exclusive backstage pics...

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