Saturday, 27 October 2012

Q&A with SewLomax

“For me, creating and making is my coming home. I'm filled with excitement when I find just the right fabric or catch sight of rows of beautiful wools, silks and cotton. Even discovering an old bobbin or button fills me with butterflies and glee in anticipation at what can be created from these often discarded items.”
Emma Lomax, founder of Sew Lomax
SewLomax is a new fresh and fun ethical accessories brand that is definitely worth checking out. The range includes penny purses, make-up bags, wash bags, laundry bags, laptop bags and a range of shopping totes, with each piece embellished with embroidered designs that are really appealing. Everything produced is designed in London, finished by hand using sustainable materials sourced in the UK. Here founder, Emma Lomax tells us a little more about her label:

Describe your label in three words...
Quirky, unique and creative

What inspired you to launch?
The brand came about very organically. I'd already done a number of the embroideries whilst studying at university; for me embroidery has always been hugely therapeutic. I had started sewing rows of lipsticks and nail polishes and shoes. Somehow the designs never seemed finished, I wanted them to have a purpose. The purpose for the designs became very obvious, whatever the design was on the bag then became the purpose of the bag.

My mother had her own embroidery design label whilst I was growing up, so it's thanks to creative energy and support (and sometimes verging on pushy parenting) that inspired me to launch. My design inspiration comes from walking around shops, (this can be dangerous, as it means applying self control on shopping…). Talking to friends and family, and seeing what their likes and dislikes are. People are genuinely so creative and always giving me such great ideas.

Who would your dream person be to wear your accessories?
Someone like Holly Willoughby as she has all the characteristics that are associated with my brand: fun, bubbly and stylish.

What do you see the future holding for SewLomax?
I'm so excited about the future at SewLomax. I'm currently working on my next collection, which contains some new creative ideas for transporting more of your daily essentials.

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