Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Q&A with House of Beth

House of Beth is an online shop that sells preloved designer clothes on behalf of charities that fight human trafficking. A whopping 50% of each purchase is donated to this extremely worthy cause. 

Many of the items for sale are grouped into collections inspired by famous women - which is such a lovely touch, and one that really emphasises the importance of investing in clothes that you treasure rather than buying mindlessly. Here Managing Director Talia Chain tells us a little more about it:

Describe your label in three words...
Beautiful, Ethical, Bargain 

What inspired you to launch?
Two different ideas.

1. The wish that all the best quality, preloved clothes were in one place for reasonable prices (instead of traipsing through charity shops or extortionate second hand designer shops).

2. The brilliant concept of Social Enterprise where the customer can purchase an item of quality whilst helping a charitable cause, the charity can benefit from the structure of a business and the business can fulfil social responsibility whilst still providing employment and proper salaries.

Who would your dream person be to wear your label?
Kate Middleton! We love her. 

What do you see the future holding for House of Beth?
Currently we are selling clothes on behalf of human trafficking charities. In the future we will expand to sell the best items of many different charities helping them and expanding customer choice. 

Are there any fellow ethical businesses you recommend and why?
There are a few ethical designers we love because of their strikingly beautiful designs such as Ada Zanditon and From Somewhere. We admire M&S for their Plan A campaign which is taking ethical to the high street and of course Professor Yunus for creating one of the most successful, original Social Enterprises. 

What tips would you give others keen to run their label as a successful ethical business?
Find people to work with you would trust with your life, don’t compromise on your fundamental morals and try to sleep properly. Whatever people say, without sleep you can’t make good decisions! 

Wise words! Check out the huge number of lovely clothes on www.houseofbeth.com. You can also buy tickets for the upcoming event Fashioned for Freedom, a project that aims to raise money for victims of human trafficking and to spark awareness of their plight (see you there!)

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