Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Michael Fish: B.A.S.E jumping legend!

Who'd have thought it eh?! Michael Fish, MBE, is now a fully fledged, bona fide freefaller since the brave man took the plunge to raise awareness of climate change. Fish, who is 68 years old, made the jump from a rooftop to highlight this important cause that's close to his heart - what a legend!

As a highly trained meteorologist he has a greater grasp of the effects of climate change than the average chap and he believes that drawing attention to the issue is well worth the risk.

“Raising awareness of climate change is really important, because there is no doubt whatsoever that if we carry on the way we are there will be shortages of food, shortages of water, towns and cities will be flooded, there’s all sorts of chaos that could arise, in fact some of it is already happening.

"We have to something about it now, not wait until it’s too late. If some of us have to make sacrifices, like risking our lives by jumping off buildings, then so be it”

Top marks to Fish, and Rapanui, the eco fashion brand that captured the event on video and released the footage online to support him in drawing attention to the issue. Rapanui know their stuff when it comes to sustainability and make some great looking clobber to boot - to hear more about them, check out their Q&A that previously featured on BonTonTimes here.

Show your support by sharing the video and applauding the man himself: Michael Fish, B.A.S.E jumping legend!

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