Monday, 23 July 2012

Food with heart; Kitchen Joël Antunes at the Embassy

If it’s been a while since you’ve ventured to the Embassy in Old Burlington Street, then you need to get on down there as you’re behind the times. Kitchen Joël Antunes has injected a new lease of life into the place, which is now once again heaving with notable names. Vivienne Westwood held her London Fashion Week dinner there back in February, and it even played host to Harvey Weinstein’s post-BAFTA bash.

Frankly, anywhere with a cocktail named Coco Chanel is off to a good start with us, but the food is seriously superior. Anyone who is able to make a humble Tuna Nicoise salad stand apart, brimming with such delicately balanced flavours, is clearly a genius. Not only do they care about their patrons, they care about the environment. Sustainability is close to the chefs' hearts, with produce sourced as locally as possible, mainly from the UK or France. Plus, the fish is ethically caught, which makes it taste all the better!

Comfortable, friendly and with such delicious food devised by the great Jean Auberny, it’s the sort of place that could easily tempt you into whiling away a few hours. Even if you did, the joy of the Embassy is that you needn’t even stir outdoors for your evening’s entertainment. A short amble downstairs to Le Baron and you can hear a mix of tunes played by the very lovely DJ Jon, who is dedicated to creating the perfect atmosphere for his crowd.

Book now for Kitchen Joël Antunes at Embassy Mayfair, 29 Old Burlington St, W1S 3AN, 020 7494 5660,

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