Sunday, 10 June 2012

Q&A with Zaeem Jamal

Zaeem Jamal is on a mission to bring spirituality into fashion by using energy-enhancing crystals alongside luscious fabrics in his stunning designs. His sense of purpose drives a commitment to support numerous charities through his label including, among others, the British-based Miracles which aims to bring hope and help to those in need, and Focus Humanitarian Assistance, a collective of agencies that provide emergency relief to those in the developing world.

As seen at his AW12 showcase recently at Claridge's, the latest collection thrums with the wearable glamour and style that are the label's hall-marks, offering key pieces from sheer chiffon dresses and silk gowns through to stylish separates.  Here founder Zaeem Jamal reveals his thoughts behind his brand...

The man himself
Describe Zaeem Jamal in three words...
Design alchemy in motion (sorry its 4 but 'in' is just a preposition!)

Where does your design inspiration come from? 
Every collection draws upon different inspirations. AW12 is inspired by Ancient Egypt and over various trips to the Nile Delta over the last year, I derived all my inspiration from within the temples and monuments of this mystical and magical civilisations.

Who would your dream person be to design for? 
Someone that's been wearing black every day for far too long to see the expression on their face and amazing explosion of life when we put some colours on them! :-)

What efforts do you make to operate in an ethical way now and in the future? 
Every aspect of the brand takes into account a wide range of ethics and core values. From the roots at the production stage all the way through to how we use profits to finance a wide variety of charitable projects in the UK and abroad, it really is a wide spectrum. As we move forward we are planning to take our materials one stage further by partnering with mines that only extract crystals in limited quantities and in less harmful ways, and on the other end of the spectrum we have some amazing affiliations with UK charities such as Young Epilepsy and the Childrens Trust happening.

Are there any ethical business owners you admire and why? 
On a global level I admire Richard Branson as there are so many interesting and diverse projects that the Virgin group supports and just to name one example how the airline division has been leading the way in reducing waste targets through to building schools as well as the choice of products such as the charitable 'one' water! On a personal level I admire my father who is a business owner and has always supported a diverse range of causes and maintained high ethical standards in his industry with serious compliance procedures, and I guess this is what has inspired me along the way so much!

What do you see the future holding for the label? 
The future is very exciting as so far we have just released a small taste of what's to come. On the retail side we have more stores in development, on the collection side we have bridal launching next month, accessories are in store now, and mens will launch later this year along with more separates for women. This is only 2012, so you can imagine what's to come in 2013 and beyond!!

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