Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rapanui eco labelling proposal being considered by Brussels


The team at Rapanui has come up with a workable solution to help consumers understand exactly how ethical an item of clothing is at the point of purchase; eco labelling. This could entirely alter how people shop by helping consumers make empowered decisions, not only in the UK, but across the EU.  Rapanui's proposal has now reached the hands of MEPs in Brussels for consideration alongside several other alternative methods.

Few people understand where their clothing comes from, or the environmental and human cost that may be involved. The idea behind eco labelling comes from the consumer-friendly method already used to help judge goods on energy efficiency. Rapanui has created a similar A-G rating system that shows the eco-credentials of a garment clearly on a simple swing tag. Rob and Mart Drake-Knight, brothers who established the label five years ago, want to see this system implemented throughout the fashion industry.

Rob tells us:
"We developed the idea in 2008 and petitioned Number 10 to enforce it, since then the idea has gained national recognition in the press and at awards ceremonies but we want to see it through, that's why we're heading to the European Commission to push the regulation."

The award-winning eco-fashion label takes an organic, ethical and low-carbon approach to casual wear and puts a strong emphasis on the traceability of its products. Each  item of Rapanui clothing already carries a QR barcode on a swing tag. By scanning the code with your smartphone, you can see maps, images and information about the product's supply chain.  Clever stuff!

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